Cricket Yee Real Estate Bio

Cricket Yee is a real estate investor who decided to become an agent when she realized she was talking about the housing market all day, every day. Some people have their passion in sculpture or music or saving the whales--she loves real estate!
Cricket has very unique experience in real estate. Before becoming a real estate agent, she worked as an assistant to an engineer-- measuring land, pulling permits and working with builders on high and low-end homes alike. Deciding to become a real estate agent in 2007, she trained under a high volume foreclosure agent, and got a front seat to the real estate crash and witnessed the effect it had on families and landlords. And as owner of rental properties herself, she has a unique perspective on being both a buyer and a seller, a renter and a landlord. From credit checks to evictions, permits to code violations, she has experience with all aspects of real estate—land deals, probates, auctions, foreclosures, and short sales.
She has lived in the eastern San Fernando Valley over 15 years and specializes in NoHo Arts, Valley Village, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Burbank and surrounding areas. She started her career in Los Feliz, so knows Silver Lake, Atwater Village and the communities to the east of there well.